The Art of Creativity

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

When Time Stands StillWhen Time Stands Still

How many times have you looked for something in the same place only to find that .. it is still not there! “I know I put it there.”.. but it’s not there. We are such creatures of habit. Habits are not a bad thing as long as they are part of your daily routine, something that keeps you on task, such as getting to work on time.

But how does habit and creativity work together? They probably don’t .I have found that I can’t be habitually creative… The creative muse visits me when she wants and when she does, I always rejoice, and make sure to paint when Her energetic impulse meets my desire to paint.

Painting is a metaphor for life. For example, like in life, sometimes I get stuck in a rut. I don’t feel excited or inspired. I think about painting but when I go out to the studio, I just sit there. No matter what I try, it seems like I am out of ideas..nothing happens. A blank canvas stares back at me.

The critic can make my day worse. He can come in and tell me that I can’t paint, never could…see I told you to give it up.. You know.. We all have an inner critic. To keep its voice from overwhelming me I may need to leave the studio all together. These are not fruitful days.. Have you ever had times like this?

However, when I do fall into that perfect place, where time stands still and  creativity blossoms, I feel as if someone else is guiding my work. I am grateful for the Muse’s  presence. I am not thinking, just doing. The rich, juicy paints glide on the surface; it is a sensual experience. The colors, layers, and shapes begin to inform my next choice..shall I use paper? More purple here..? Gold leaf?

That was the place I was in when I painted this piece .. It was a very satisfying experience. I hope those of you reading this have ways in which you are able to let go, surrender time and just be in the creative zone.

Being creative is a mystery.. What is it that you do that takes you into this timeless place? Are you able to be creative on demand?

Send me a comment below and share what it is that you do that takes you to that timeless space.

Until next time, may the creative muse visit you!

What’s new:

I was working on this piece, When Time Stands Still, when Style Magazine called and asked if they could do an interview. As a result , one reader saw the article ( July edition) and asked to come to my studio. she purchased Moon Flowers and Lily in a Vase and sent me a photo of where they now live! Thank you, Nancy.

I have a whole new series posted on  called Threshold Series. Please visit my website to check it out!

Save the Date:

I will be co- facilitating a monthly workshop working with the chakras, archetypes, and art. It begins in October and ends in May, called Awakening the Divine Feminine. Please come for the first day. We will not require a full commitment if you would like to come and experience this workshop. The day fee is $100. No art experience necessary. We only have 10 spaces available. See the flyer here and I hope to see you there! divinefeminine2

You can download the flyer from my website under Events for details. Read last months post, Gateways to the Soul for more information about the chakras.