Synchronicity and the Art of Grace




This past August I had registered for an art class in Bend, Or. For several years I had been wanting to attend but wasn’t able to make it due to other commitments. This year when I looked at the presenters offered, there was one in particular that caught my eye. She was teaching her method of working with acrylic, mixed media and collage; all my favorites! When I went on line to register there was only one seat in the class left. Ok, that was meant for me.

Now for the synchronistic part: the week before I was to leave for this 6 day workshop, I got an email that started with, ” Hi, this is a voice from the past.. I met you at an Art and Soul conference in 1989. ”

Yes, I remembered meeting her. We had met in the breakfast line one morning and she introduced herself. At that time she was a dental assistant. I shared that I was a psychotherapist , but did alternative work  such as Past Life Regression. We parted ways at that point. Two mornings later, Teryl was at the top of an escalator shouting and waving me down. “Connie, Connie , wait there!” When she reached me she said, “You won’t believe this, but I had a session with a psychic who saw a dark spot in my field and thought I should do a P.L Regression for it. He asked me if I knew anyone..” Teryl said she immediately thought of me. So I offered to go to her hotel room and do a regression for her that evening. She had a friend with her, “a staunch religious person” and was nervous about her being there. I was oblivious to that fact and put her to work taking notes of the session since I didn’t have a tape recorder with me.

After that session, I left the room and didn’t see her again. I remembered it was a deep session but not much else more about it.

Fast forward to August, 2014.  In her email Teryl said that night had changed her life. It was the beginning of a whole new opening on her spiritual path ( and consequently changed her friend’s view as well). Teryl is writing a book about her amazing journey since then and wanted to know if she could use my real name. Then she signed the email with her address: Bend, Or! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I was scheduled to fly up there the following week and had never been there before. Divine providence? I think so. When I told her that by chance I would be up there the next week she offered to pick me up and take her to her home and have dinner so we could catch up.

Teryl now offers a retreat on her property and wanted to show it to me. Near to town, she has created the most wonderful sacred space. Both her home and gardens feel like a temple…a sanctuary. As I sat in her garden, with the beautiful stream and statuary, I could feel my whole body relax. It is a magical place, and one that people from all over the U.S. and abroad come when needing a retreat, to gain perspective on their lives, or to go deep. Teryl, now spiritual coach, leads people into the deeper mysteries of their life.

I painted Sanctuary when I returned, reflecting on her beautiful garden and home which embedded itself deeply into my psyche. When I sit in meditation, I can easily go there in my minds eye and re-experience the grace I felt there. I am so grateful for the divine orchestration that weaved our lives together and brought the threads back  to tie one more knot after so many years.

I have been graced in this life with so many synchronistic events that it would take a book to write about them all! It seems that when I practice being grateful for every day and everything – even the hardships- synchronicity abounds. I would love to hear your stories of synchronistic events, or of your favorite sanctuary .

Teryl can be reached at:

Save the Dates:

I will be showing this piece, Sanctuary, at the Rocklin Fine Arts membership show next weekend, October 18 & 19. I will personally be there Sunday from 1:30 – 5:00, but the show is both days 10:-5:00. The Placer Harvest Festival will be happening there at the same time: Johnson Springview Park, 5480 5th St., Rocklin.  Please stop by, enjoy the festival, and vote for your favorite piece at the art show… hopefully mine!