Inviting the Muse

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”– Edgar Degas


It’s Wednesday. I have nothing on my calendar. I am excited because I can spend an entire day in the studio. No phones, no internet. Nothing to interrupt me from being in my favorite place. I fix my cup of hot tea, put on my paint splattered apron and get ready to paint. It’s just after nine o’clock. I start to clean up my work space, look through my art magazines, peruse through my art journal and notice I am sort of hungry. OK, I need to get some breakfast…now its 11:00. I still haven’t put down any paint on my canvas. And so the day goes by. Sound familiar?

I often notice that there are times when it seems that I am filled with inspiration and can’t paint enough. Then at other times, its as if the muse has completely abandoned me, leaving me wondering if I will ever feel the urge to paint again. Several years ago when I was writing a book, I had only one day a week to write. Every Monday. Like some days in the studio, some Mondays I just sat there waiting to be inspired. Those days seemed endless… Nothing productive; the day wasted mostly on ramblings. Then other times I couldn’t type fast enough…thoughts and words seemed to flow out of me, as if someone else was in charge, channeling the information through my fingers.

What is it that changes from one day to another? Why do I feel creative some days and others not? I would say that most people engaged in the arts, no matter what field, would say they also have this on/off experience with creativity. Some artists will put on music before starting to paint. One well known artist plays his drums each morning before beginning to paint. Others do “warm ups” – small quick paintings to get the juices flowing.

I understand that Some feel they don’t have any creativity at all, however, I would say they have never been visited by one of the muses!

A Piece of the Puzzle
A Piece of the Puzzle


In Greek Mythology there were nine muses, all daughters of Zeus, who watched over the arts. These goddesses’ duties were to inspire all artists and philosophers. The Greeks would call on a specific Muse when they needed their help with inspiration. I find this practice of calling on the Muse helpful when I am at a loss, when I wonder what I will do with that intimidating white canvas staring back at me.It seems that the muse visits when she wants, not the other way around. I am always grateful when She has accepted my invitation to play with me in the studio!

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Whats New:

“Sip and Paint” class- June 30th     Sponsored by Tre Bella Salon and Gallery-  1237 High Street, Auburn

$49 -$59 at door if space allows. Paint this Fall Aspens piece/ 6:30-8:30 p.m Sign up and pay on my website or call for more information: 916-709-1010. No prior art experience necessary/ all supplies and wine included/ ladies night out! Next time: August 25th..Stay tuned for the “Sunflower” paint night.

Limited to 13 spaces.                  Fall Aspens or send a check to me @ Tre Bella, 1237 High St. , Auburn, CA. 95604

Roseville Chamber of Commerce exhibit:

I have been invited to display my ‘Artifacts Series’ at the Roseville Chamber of Commerce from June 25- August 26th. This series includes 20 paintings all of which are inspired by ancient times and places. My painting, A Piece of the Puzzle ( above) Is part of this series. I hope you will have time to stop by the Chamber to see the exhibit.


More student work as promised:

There is only one space left for the fall class: Painting From the INside Out. See my Website for more information.

Lynette's Sunflowers
Lynette’s Sunflowers
Felice's Landscape
Felice’s Landscape

2 thoughts on “Inviting the Muse”

  1. Love to see you wth your muses at work! I had fun this past Spring with 2 OLLIE classes- “Fun With Clay” and”Poetry of Joy” Can’t wait for Fall to continue them! Miss you!

    1. Hi Ginny, So glad you are staying creative! Thank you for commenting as I love hearing from you. I am starting a class to make gourd art. So much fun being ‘retired.’

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